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Press'd for Work

In all these years, I received some recognition for my commitment towards my fur babies. Here's a sneak peek into them!

Debadrita is the founder of Precious Paws Foundation. From volunteering at a foster home to conducting adoption camps, Debadrita built the shelter at Kanakpura Road to house abandoned animals and foster and rehabilitate them. “I had two dogs while growing up, who passed away. To fill the void, I started picking up dogs to treat them and foster pups etc. At one point in time, I had about 12 dogs at home, and that was when I realized that I needed a bigger space to be fair to them. So I quit my job.” Debadrita was working as a quality training specialist in the IT industry and was employed with Yahoo! and later Volvo. But she quit her job to look after her many fostered and adopted animals full-time and now dedicates her time and resources to rehabilitating them.

Away From The Hustle Of the City, In A Small Patch Near Kanakpura Road, Debadrita Ghosh Runs Precious Paws Foundation. This Is The Story Of Bengaluru’s Paw Protector…

When Debadrita Jadhav's two dogs passed away, she decided to channel her grief into helping other pets finds loving homes like hers. 

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Debadrita Ghosh, who is part of the foundation, says, “About 40 per cent of the calls I’ve received are for puppies which I don’t have. We only have older dogs here.” She has also seen more people asking for indie dogs than ever before.


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